Well hello there!

Today i started my new job. Before I get into it, here is some background info about my work life here. I’ve been in Japan for about 3 years and I had worked as an English conversation teacher at one of the big named convo schools for 2.3 years. Therefore I am not a JET or an ALT. After my second contract was up, I decided to leave my branch school (due to many reasons) and do part time with the corporate division, teaching business English at different company’s facilities. After about 4 months in, I realized it wasn’t working out the way I wanted it (meaning I needed more money to liiiiive!).

Anyway, I got lucky in a way. After putting my resume in at Hello Work (employment agency) 5 months before, a company requested for me to do an interview. It was like fate because at the time they contacted me I was only just THINKING, ‘hmmm maybe I should start looking for a full time job again seriously’. Knowing how much I disliked the image and also just the way English conversation schools are, I was trying to refrain from going back in that system. Luckily the company that requested an interview with me is an international preschool. A brand new school at that. One day after my interview, which was on a Sunday by the way, they contacted me saying I got the job. I thought that was odd and maybe they seemed a little desperate but now that I think about it they are new at doing everything. It’s a couple who decided they wanted to help improve Japan’s society with early childhood education. 

For some odd reason I’ve always been interested in early childhood education but I never went to college for it. My major was in Communications (Media) and I thought I wanted to work with television. Boy was I wrong. After graduation I was of course one of the many lost graduates not knowing what to do with their life. Therefore I moved to Japan to find something I can enjoy. The thing about me being in Japan is, since I am a native English speaker, I do have a higher chance to get any job that involves me teaching English. Although I don’t mind teaching English and I’ve formed my own style after never having any experience until I came to Japan, I didn’t want to just teach English. For me, getting this new job now means I may have possibly found my career path. 

Well, these two weeks will just be training and preparation for the kids coming at the second half of this month. I’m excited because I’ve grown to love kids more and more since living here. Also, after my ex-worker gave birth to her son who I call my nephew, I realized I love babies. They warm my child-like heart. Since I am a child at heart and always will be, why not work with them. I get to go to work to play with kids! No suits, no uncomfortable attire and I can wear sneakers! That is ALLLLL me! I’m in there like swimwear. 

I know there will be challenges with safety and discipline but I’m looking forward to tackling those challenges and being a better educator. OOOONEEE thing I’m not that happy about and it’s understandable why I have to do it, is that I’m not a morning person so waking up early for work will take me some time. Plus the commute is a bit far buuuut oh well. It’s for the kids! 

Side note: I’m also really glad I’m not working for a big corporation or big school that already has it’s way of doing things. I’m working at the start of a small school and everything is new; the staff, the materials, the facility and everyone is helping each other to develop the school. That there makes working a little more interesting and with the manager and the president having a really cool vision for the school, I’m all for it. They seem to really care about the kids and their staff.

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